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BONUS EPISODE 4: Interview with actor Mathew Karedas (The Samurai Cop)


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Greetings, citizens!

We are super excited today because boy, do we have a bonus episode for you…

As most of you know, Samurai Cop is a much beloved and revered flick here at Second Class Cinema. We covered it in one of our earliest episodes over a year ago, and just recently we viewed and discussed the much-anticipated sequel, Samurai Cop II: Deadly Vengeance.

Deadly Vengeance was total shlock-madness that left us with a ton of questions. So I guess we were pretty lucky that Samurai Cop himself, Mathew Karedas, offered to chat with us and answer our many questions about this crazy piece of cinema.

Matt took us on a complete tour of making this movie- discussing everything from how he came to be Samurai Cop in Amir Shirvan’s original picture, to rising from the dead, to what it was like working with Tommy Wiseau. His hilarious anecdotes on the funding/filming/release (and beyond) has given us so much insight into the blood, sweat and pure insanity that made this movie possible.

It was truly a pleasure doing this interview and we can’t thank Matt enough for chatting with us at length about his awesome role in B-movie history.

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BONUS EPISODE 1: Interview with director Matt Jaissle


I know it’s Kid’s Movie Month and all here on Second Class Cinema but this opportunity was too good to pass up. We had Matt Jaissle, the director of Back From Hell, reach out to us wanting to talk about his movie! He had listened to our review of Back From Hell which was also our first episode (if you’d like to listen to it, enter at your own risk because it’s a bit rough around the edges).

Anyway, we had him give us a call and we chatted about his movie and his upcoming screening at The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX.

We partnered with Tom’s other podcast The Studio Cellar to bring you this interview and discussion with Matt.

ALSO you can finally find the Boston 48 Hour Film Project that Tom directed here: Watch Here!