Episode 32: Stay Tuned (1992)


It’s time to kick off Kid’s Movie Month! YAAAAAAY!!! To kick it off, Brittany picked the 1992 kid’s comedy Stay Tuned. Arguably not a b-movie but hey it wasn’t profitable and not many people I’ve met have actually watched it so fudge off.
We change it up this month and focus on 2 main questions; was the movie successful for kids at the time, and then would it be successful for kids today? Special guest Taryn helps us break this movie down. And out of respect for the youngsters, we employ the “Fudge” rating system.

Oh and let’s not forget that Kid’s Movie Month is brought to us by Fat Foot Films! Check out their website where you’ll be able to check out new episodes of the show and soon you’ll be able to see the short movie Tom directed!

Second Class Cinema – COMING SOON!

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