Episode 17: Gymkata (1985)


We learned how misleading this title is when we watched it as our latest pick for Cult Month. Joined once again by our dear friend, Aaron, we viewed and discussed this 1985 gynastics-riddled “martial arts” film.

Jonathan Cabot is an accomplished gymnast who is rigorously trained in martial arts and is forced to compete in the grueling survival competition, known as “The Game” (not the one starring Michael Douglas). The Game takes place in the eastern European country of Parmistan. The prize for winning? The ability to ask the King for anything, and have it be granted. There’s a whole other subplot about a dad, a space station, and some dude with a rat-tail… But we won’t spoil it all.

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Episode 14: Samurai Cop (1991)

Erik selected our second film for Cult Month, and we watched the 1991 buddy-cop, shlock-fest Samurai Cop. This movie became a fast favorite for us at Second Class Cinema, so it was an obvious choice to present it for Cult Month!

Hot-shot cop, Joe Marshall (“Samurai Cop”), and his partner Frank, take to the streets to put a stop to the notorious Katana gang. Of course, they make time along the way to bang some babes, have gunfights and eat birthday cake in a speedo. Everything about this movie is hilarious, from the bad dialogue and continuity (that WIG!), to mullets and matching underwear. This is a rare b-movie gem. Oh! It also stars Robert Z’Dar’s face!

Listen up, as we try to dissect what makes this movie so amazingly enjoyable.

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