Episode 40: The Brood (1979)

It’s Brittany’s pick and she picked the 1979 horror movie The Brood, directed by David Cronenberg. Not quite sure we were expecting a very deep film today but hey what else can we expect from David Cronenberg? We certainly experienced some ups and downs with this AND we all gave it the same rating, find out how it measured up on the Fuck Scale!


Episode 39: Laser Mission (1989)

On this episode we discuss Erik’s pick, 1989’s action movie Laser Mission. With Brandon Lee leading this one, it was difficult to dislike. We have some mixed reviews but also a lot of favorite parts. Enjoy this pretty short episode!


BONUS EPISODE 2: Devil Story (1985)

YES ANOTHER BONUS EPISODE! A day early as well! In this episode we “very quickly discussed” the 1985 French horror movie Devil Story. We went out in PUBLIC to watch this one though, that’s right, The Arkham Film Society put on this show for us in Providence. Since we didn’t have notes to take, nor did we have the immediate discussion on our side, we reduced this episode to a reaction to some of the major moments as well as rating it.┬áThis is the second AFS movie we’ve done on the show as we covered the 1981 slasher Home Sweet Home. Currently on YouTube only, but soon to come to Podbean!
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Episode 38: The Rats (2001)

It was Tom’s pick this week and he chose the 2001 movie The Rats. This movie had rats, rats, a guy that looked like a rat, more rats, and climaxes with a geyser of rats in a rec-center pool. THAT’S IT AND GOODNIGHT!


Episode 37: Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

In this week’s episode Brittany selected the 2014 horror movie Leprechaun: Origins! We find it hard to believe it’s ACTUALLY a Leprechaun movie but hey, if he can go to space, he can be… this? Maybe, maybe not. We’re certainly glad Kid’s Movie Months is over because the “Fudge” rating just wouldn’t have been enough.