Episode 52: The Kindred (1987)

Keeping on with Horror Movie Month, we watched something a little more traditional in style, kind of. Tom picked the 1987 sci-fi/horror movie The Kindred! This was an interesting watch for us because we really had no clue what we were getting in to. Brandon came on to help us discuss this movie, and this is one of his personal favorites. He even brought an old Fangoria magazine that had an article about this movie. Where do you think this movie will measure on the Fuck scale?

Listen up!

Special Guest: Brandon St Pierre


4 thoughts on “Episode 52: The Kindred (1987)”

  1. my favorite part is where Anthony gets destroyed near the end
    of the movie and there is slime and blood and bits everywhere
    and i really liked the bit where anthony was totally goopified
    in this white stuff before he melted completely a slimy meltdown to end all meltdowns.
    i also like the music as it is very eerie. one of my fave horrors of all time also. i also
    got a gallery on my iphone dedicated to the meltdown.

      1. what did u think of how anthony felt? did u think he felt
        angry? frightened? grossed out? i thought he felt grossed
        out myself.

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