Episode 36: Nukie (1988)

It’s the LAST day of Kid’s Movie Month! YAAAAAY!!! We felt like wrapping the month up with something a little strange, and that was the 1988, sci-fi/thriller Nukie! Ok maybe it wasn’t a “thriller” but Nukie IS terrifying. Jimmy came on to talk about this one with us to help figure out who Nukie is, why he’s here, and why he just won’t die. We go over whether or not this movie would be watchable for children today as well as a long detailed list of what we think Nukie is ACTUALLY made of. LISTEN UP!


Episode 35: 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain (1998) & Surf Ninjas (1993)

It’s still Kid’s Movie Month and we had ourselves a DOUBLE FEEEEATURE! It was ninja night here on Second Class Cinema as we watched both 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain and Surf Ninjas! Erik picked Surf Ninjas while we decided to pad out the ninja night with 3 Ninjas HNAMM as it’s been requested by multiple people. Tyler decided to come on by (who is ultimately getting the blame for 3 Ninjas) to help us to discuss these movies. Which one of these is ultimately the best ninjas movie for kids?

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BONUS EPISODE 1: Interview with director Matt Jaissle


I know it’s Kid’s Movie Month and all here on Second Class Cinema but this opportunity was too good to pass up. We had Matt Jaissle, the director of Back From Hell, reach out to us wanting to talk about his movie! He had listened to our review of Back From Hell which was also our first episode (if you’d like to listen to it, enter at your own risk because it’s a bit rough around the edges).

Anyway, we had him give us a call and we chatted about his movie and his upcoming screening at The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX.

We partnered with Tom’s other podcast The Studio Cellar to bring you this interview and discussion with Matt.

ALSO you can finally find the Boston 48 Hour Film Project that Tom directed here: Watch Here!

Episode 34: Sidekicks (1992)

It’s still Kid’s Movie Months here and Tom chose the 1992 movie Sidekicks starring Johnathan Brandis and Chuck Norris!!! YAAAAAY!!! Special guest Eric comes on to help us with this childhood gem. Only by listening will you know how great Joe Piscopo really was in this movie.
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Episode 33: Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings (2002)


For the second episode of Kid’s Movie Month we had our friend Aaron come over with a movie and he brought the 2002 fantasy movie Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings! Not only did he bring that but he also came with a very big secret to let us in on as well, as a matter of fact we all let everyone in on a personal secret. We’ll cover the movie and much, much more all on a great episode of Second Class Cinema.

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Coming to the site soon is a short comedy that was shot for the Boston 48hr Film Project that Tom directed and produced along side Fat Foot Films AND Aaron too. AWESOME!

Episode 32: Stay Tuned (1992)


It’s time to kick off Kid’s Movie Month! YAAAAAAY!!! To kick it off, Brittany picked the 1992 kid’s comedy Stay Tuned. Arguably not a b-movie but hey it wasn’t profitable and not many people I’ve met have actually watched it so fudge off.
We change it up this month and focus on 2 main questions; was the movie successful for kids at the time, and then would it be successful for kids today? Special guest Taryn helps us break this movie down. And out of respect for the youngsters, we employ the “Fudge” rating system.

Oh and let’s not forget that Kid’s Movie Month is brought to us by Fat Foot Films! Check out their website where you’ll be able to check out new episodes of the show and soon you’ll be able to see the short movie Tom directed!

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