Episode 55: Night Trap (1992) (Yes the Sega CD game)

The cut of Night Trap we watched:

October is just about over, Halloween is approaching and soon we will have nothing to do but transition into Christmas movies. We say goodbye to Horror Movie Month in a strange fashion with Erik’s pick this week. Sega CD seems to come up a lot on this show as a reference of quality so Erik decided to choose the 1992 Sega CD release Night Trap. We know this is not a MOVIE but we viewed it as if it were one anyway. There are a lot of different versions of this on YouTube and you can see the one we watched above. Ryan of Fat Foot Films came on to talk about this his experiences actually playing AND beating this game. Overall it was kind of weird but we somehow managed to cram this in to our format. Happy Halloween!

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Special Guest: Ryan Convery


Fat Foot Films website!


Thanks to @videovangaurd for sharing this interesting documentary with us on YouTube:

One thought on “Episode 55: Night Trap (1992) (Yes the Sega CD game)”

  1. This is pretty cool. I have seen other cuts before but this one was pretty fun. I like the quality in others but it was still a good job. I remember playing this a lot because it was fun to have a movie I could control and unlike other gamers. I loved watching cut scenes. I enjoyed playing videogames to get me to the next cut scene. Digital Pictures had other great FMV games Double Switch with Cory Haim and R Lee Ermy was directed by Mary Lambert(Pet Semetary) Prize Fighter had Dick Miller(Gremlins) and PJ Soles( Halloween) Corpse Killer had Bill Mosely(Devil’s Rejects) and Vincent Schiavelli (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest)

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