Episode 104: Armstrong (1998)

Hello again from the realm of subpar cinema! 

In case we didn’t mention it before, we are REALLY glad to be back. This episode is the first new one we’ve recorded in SIX YEARS… So please be kind as we attempt to rewind, and remember how to do this goddamn thing. 

Second Class Citizens, join us – if you would – on a top secret mission to Russia.

We’re tagging along with Frank Zagarino and Charles Napier this week, to investigate the suspicious transport of nuclear missiles in the 1998 action flick, Armstrong.

When CIA agent Bob Zorkin and his wife, Susan, travel to Russia to investigate the disappearance of nuclear missiles, he runs into old friend and undercover agent Rod Armstrong.

Convening at Zorkin’s apartment to discuss the whereabouts of the missing nukes, they get into a shootout with Russian goons. Armstrong barely escapes, and Zorkin is killed. Now Armstrong and Susan must team up and locate the nukes before the Russians use them.

Can they get justice for Bob, AND stop the Russians before doomsday?

Tune in to this week’s episode to hear us discuss that and other far less relevant topics like wet tshirts, ponytails, and why Charles Napier was so goddamn sweaty in this movie.


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