Episode 81: Geteven (Road to Revenge) (1993)

We’re on a road… A road… to REVENGE!

Our flick this week was a recommendation from our friends over at Bad Movie Sunday (which Bristol Bad Film Club was kind enough to give us access to), and we cannot thank them enough for it. We were joined by our friend (and first-time guest), Gray, as we viewed and discussed the masterpiece that is Road to Revenge (1993) aka GETEVEN aka Karate Cowboy aka Satanic Panic. Just kidding about those last two… Or are we?

Road to Revenge follows disgraced former police officer (and current limo driver), Rick Bode, as he attempts to take down a Satanic cult- which happens to be headed by his former partner, Normad. Aided by his girlfriend, Cindy (a former cult member), his perpetually drunk best friend, Huck, and a Native American mannequin, Rick sets off to get even.

Armed with nothing more than some leather pants and a song, John De Hart mystifyingly manages to make this vanity project completely entertaining (and bizarrely endearing).
Listen up as we discuss the Shimmy Slide, black-belt poodles, and uncomfortable sex scenes involving ice cubes!

Listen up!

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GETEVEN (Road to Revenge)

One thought on “Episode 81: Geteven (Road to Revenge) (1993)”

  1. This might be the second time I’ve listened to your podcast. You mentioned the Shimmy Slide so much I just HAD to see it. I watched it on youtube and saw the most hysterical comment on the video. “Druida1 year ago (edited)
    Is he holding diarrhea while singing? Why does he look so fucking terrified?” And these are the replies to that comment. lol

    He’s allergic to cue cards and HBO-at-3-AM-porn-movie acting.
    +Druida yes he is
    thefluffinator2291 year ago
    +Druida It was unscripted and he was being held at gunpoint
    grupil1 year ago
    +Druida if he is holding in diarrhea, Rick wouldn’t want to soil those incredible trousers…
    Filmmaker J
    Filmmaker J1 year ago
    Turbo Rad | Retro Game Reviews!
    Turbo Rad | Retro Game Reviews!1 year ago
    +Druida He’s also doing that “Gotta Poop” walk
    Jae Rok
    Jae Rok9 months ago
    +Druida You have your head up your ass Drida!!!
    MrChosenone349 months ago
    “c’mon baby lets do the shitty slide”

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