Episode 14: Samurai Cop (1991)

Erik selected our second film for Cult Month, and we watched the 1991 buddy-cop, shlock-fest Samurai Cop. This movie became a fast favorite for us at Second Class Cinema, so it was an obvious choice to present it for Cult Month!

Hot-shot cop, Joe Marshall (“Samurai Cop”), and his partner Frank, take to the streets to put a stop to the notorious Katana gang. Of course, they make time along the way to bang some babes, have gunfights and eat birthday cake in a speedo. Everything about this movie is hilarious, from the bad dialogue and continuity (that WIG!), to mullets and matching underwear. This is a rare b-movie gem. Oh! It also stars Robert Z’Dar’s face!

Listen up, as we try to dissect what makes this movie so amazingly enjoyable.

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Listen up!

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