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Episode 38: The Rats (2001)

It was Tom’s pick this week and he chose the 2001 movie The Rats. This movie had rats, rats, a guy that looked like a rat, more rats, and climaxes with a geyser of rats in a rec-center pool. THAT’S IT AND GOODNIGHT!


Episode 34: Sidekicks (1992)

It’s still Kid’s Movie Months here and Tom chose the 1992 movie Sidekicks starring Johnathan Brandis and Chuck Norris!!! YAAAAAY!!! Special guest Eric comes on to help us with this childhood gem. Only by listening will you know how great Joe Piscopo really was in this movie.
And sponsoring the Kid’s Movie Month is none other than Fat Foot Films! They’re pretty awesome people over there so you should check out their new feature length comedy How I Dumped My Ex-Boyfriends Body! Also coming soon to their site, the short 48hfp that Tom directed!


Episode 30: Death Force (1978)


In this episode Tom picked the 1978 blaxploitation revenge film Death Force. AKA Vengeance is Mine. Alternate title: Fighting Mad. Ratings were all over the place and almost entirely ruined by one specific moment of the movie. If you’ve seen this film you might know what it is. All of that and more as we discuss successes, failures and risks of this samurai vengeance story!

Episode 27: Only The Strong (1993)

Tom selects this week’s topic of discussion with a movie from his childhood, 1993’s Only The Strong starring none other than Mark Dacascos. We find out that capoeira is a pretty cool thing to watch, or at least we hear Tom defend this movie due to his bias growing up with it. Either way we still cover it’s successes, failures and enjoy a nice ratings session. We also have first time guest Tyler on to help us break this movie down.



Special Guest: Tyler Loiselle

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Episode 17: Gymkata (1985)


We learned how misleading this title is when we watched it as our latest pick for Cult Month. Joined once again by our dear friend, Aaron, we viewed and discussed this 1985 gynastics-riddled “martial arts” film.

Jonathan Cabot is an accomplished gymnast who is rigorously trained in martial arts and is forced to compete in the grueling survival competition, known as “The Game” (not the one starring Michael Douglas). The Game takes place in the eastern European country of Parmistan. The prize for winning? The ability to ask the King for anything, and have it be granted. There’s a whole other subplot about a dad, a space station, and some dude with a rat-tail… But we won’t spoil it all.

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